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Form International was founded by Marleen Hoek in 2005 and is based in Italy in the northern region of Trentino-Alto Adige. From this location, Form International offers an effective assistance in working out and promoting your commercial projects in Italy. We are especially focused on the tourism sector.

You will be represented by professionals that are able to communicate at any level and with an experienced-based sensibility.

Marleen Hoek has been living and working in Northern Italy for some decades and speaks both fluently Dutch and Italian. With years of experience in the commercial and tourist industry, as well as in language education, she is the ideal partner to mediate and take care of commercial contacts between Dutch and Italian companies.

Her integration into Italian society and familiarity with the Italian way of life guarantees easy and effective contacts with your Italian partners and customers. The services of Form International are a high-quality investment for your company, as they are always aiming to the maximum result.

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